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All-natural. Authentic.

Moonbeam Body Therapy was born...well...on accident. Mariel Thomas, former educator and creator of MBT, started making soap as a hobby after attending an art show with a friend. 

What was once a hobby turned into a full-blown business after family and friends inquired about how to purchase and thus, Moonbeam Body Therapy was a reality! 

Focusing on all-natural, environmentally-friendly products that are cruelty-free, Moonbeam Body Therapy is for the Earth-conscious woman (and man) that believes that treating ourselves doesn't have to mean mistreating our planet.

All packaging is recyclable, compostable, and responsibly sourced.  


Ingredients you can pronounce. All Moonbeam Body Therapy products are all-natural and handmade with ingredients found in nature. We want to give our customers clean bath and body products free of irritants to cater to all skin types and textures. Most of all, we want our products to have a positive impact on the environment, because we only get one Mother.


“I love that soap. It gets me squeaky clean!”

-A. Young